To reach a goal you sometimes have to make a detour. My goal is Seoul, Korea and my detour is Bangkok, Thailand. In my blog I write about what it can be like to push the pause-button in life, trying to make a temporary existence in a place meaningful and at the same time plan for a more permanent future, sometimes a tough combination disguised as everyday life. My name is Emelie and you are welcome to keep reading.

Bangkok, Thailand

Seoul, South Korea

21st February 2011

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Two long months of waiting is finally over. The Amazing Race is out. The Amazing Race is out! The Amazing Race is out!!! Gah! I feel like I’m gonna wet my pants. That’s how much I love this show.

Season 18. All-star season. Phil Keoghan, I love you… and we have the eyebrow-thing in common… “This is the amazing race”, and then the theme starts playing and I start to jump up and down in the couch. H, where are you? Come home so I can watch it with you! Now!


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